Collaborate with Ease with External and Internal Teams

  • Simplicity of Use

    Sign up is easy , using it is easier. No downloads Integrates with your own website.

  • Amazing Features

    Everything you need to collaborate with internal and external teams. Multiuser, Screen Sharing, Recording, Screen Capture, Group creation, White Board and more.

  • Cost Effective

    50% cost effective as compared to the closest competitor.

  • Technology Lead

    Works on the most modern technology, which makes it faster better and more scalable.

Provide On Demand Services from your Website

  • Increase Revenue

    Offer your services online and Grow your Business.

  • Increase Reach of Services

    Your Services are no longer limited to your physical presence. Offer your services to wider audiences.

  • Deeper Relations with Clients

    Build deeper relations with your clients by being available and connected with them

  • Break Geography and Time Barriers

    You are now not bound by time and geography while you offer your services. Be anywhere yet serve your clients.

Why Goconsult

Significantly better video quality

Significantly better video quality

Complete customizability

Complete customizability

Up to 6x faster connection times

Up to 6x faster connection times

No downloads or plug-ins

No downloads or plug-ins

Reduced audio/video latency

Reduced audio/video latency

Awesome Features

Easy Integration

Can be integrated to your site in seconds – without changing the look and feel of your website.

No Downloads

Unlike other online meeting application, GoConsult lets you start start video conferencing without any downloads. Integrate an URL provided by us in your website and get started.

No High-End System Requirements

You don’t need updated Windows, or MAC OS, or Linux to access GoConsult. It works on every system and every browser.

Easy To Join A Meeting

Joining a meeting in GoConsult is as easy as pie. Just go to your website, add your ID, and start the meeting.

Secure And Private Connection

We understand the importance of confidentiality in business and hence we make sure that all your connections are protected.

Mobile Friendly

Like your website, GoConsult works efficiently on every device – regardless of the size of the device. So, even if your clients are on the go and using a mobile phone, you can ask them to join a meeting.

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